I’ll Pray For You

I thought about it and I couldn't remember. I'm a person who writes everything down, recognizing the busyness of my brain and the relief that comes from not needing to remember every little detail of my life. My planner is a prized possession, containing all my schedules, assignments, deadlines, appointments, birthdays, errands, and everyday to-do … Continue reading I’ll Pray For You


Doors Are Heavy

I didn’t expect to become inspired while sipping my chai tea latte. I sat on a small burgundy couch in my favorite local coffee shop reading the introduction of one of my textbooks for the new semester when an elderly woman slowly walked past me using a cane for support. Her husband left the shop … Continue reading Doors Are Heavy

Sharing Socks

Crew-cut socks work best with ankle boots. The weather in Florida took a huge downward spike last week, getting into the low 20s and 30s – I know, crazy. The rest of the country might scoff at us as they experience their own bomb cyclones, severe snow storms, and below 0°F weather, but us Floridians … Continue reading Sharing Socks

Puzzle Pieces

My family did a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle in one and a half days. I usually shy away from participating in my family’s puzzling activities due to the mass amount of pieces that all vaguely appear to be the same and the frustration that arises from a challenging section. I might occasionally go over to the … Continue reading Puzzle Pieces

The First Day Of Christmas

I prepared my heart, and now I’m ready to celebrate! Towards the end of the calendar year, Christians and non-believers alike get in the spirit of the holidays, embracing gift-giving, sweet treats, and time with family and friends. Neighbors exchange cookies, strangers hold the door for an extra moment, and friends remind each other how … Continue reading The First Day Of Christmas

Where The Ocean Meets The Sky

Two masses of vastness collided into an expanse that seemed to go on for eternity. After taking off on an early morning flight and finishing reading through all the pamphlets in the seat back pocket (I forgot to bring a book to read), I turned my head and gazed out the window with the clouds … Continue reading Where The Ocean Meets The Sky

The Signing Sub

I left work with a smile on my face and a jump in my step. This year, I started working as a substitute teacher in the local public school system around my University. Within just a few weeks of venturing back into the worlds of elementary, middle, and high school, I had subbed for every … Continue reading The Signing Sub

Three Became Twelve

My mind is scattered, I want a thousand naps, and I had a cookie for dinner. Yep, it’s finals week. In the midst of all the craziness going on at the end of my first semester of graduate school, I noticed my list of priorities sitting on my nightstand, the one I made with my … Continue reading Three Became Twelve

Turkey Takeover

I furiously scribbled the instructions on a pad of post-its. When a sudden situation arose on Thanksgiving morning, I found myself faced with the task of making the turkey for a dinner gathering of more than a dozen guests. I have grown immensely in my cooking abilities since moving into my own apartment, but a … Continue reading Turkey Takeover

Row 90

We walked up, and up, and up to the very last and highest row. My family traveled to get together to go to a college football game. Our tickets placed us in Row 90, so we took a series of stairs, winding ramps, and steep bleacher steps to reach our numbered destination, immediately backed by … Continue reading Row 90