Long Aweighted

The calories suddenly didn’t matter to me. After a surprisingly fun workout in the gym of my apartment complex, I looked in the mirror that spanned the entire length of the wall, and I smiled. With no makeup and sweaty hair, I saw my reflection and somehow I felt beautiful. In such a simple moment, … Continue reading Long Aweighted


Getting Burned

It was way worse than I thought. After spending a sunny day by the pool during my far too short “summer break,” I came home with bright pink skin – my first sunburn of the year. From past experience, I know that my first time in the sun of every summer tends to result in … Continue reading Getting Burned

I Have Something To Share

The day after this spring semester ended, I cut off four inches of my hair. If you remember my first ever blog post (read it here), you will recall that I began graduate school by semi-impulsively chopping off 10 inches of my hair, that I had been growing out for years. Since my hair became … Continue reading I Have Something To Share

More to Know

I stood at my research poster, excitedly explaining the relationships between locus of control, religiosity, and resilience. But I’ll spare you the details (at least for now). At the end of an academically grueling semester of graduate school, I had the opportunity to present the research project that I worked on with my lovely group … Continue reading More to Know

The Enigma of Lemonhood

I never thought lemons could be so complex. While brewing my usual evening cup of herbal tea, I reached for my lemon juice to squeeze in a few drops. While stirring the yellowy goodness into my steaming cup, I thought about the versatility of lemons. Aside for the small selection of people with an extra-high … Continue reading The Enigma of Lemonhood

Coming Clean

I walked out smiling, mesmerized, and rejuvenated. To really enter into this season of Lent and prepare myself for the upcoming Easter celebration, I arrived to Church early in order to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation before Mass. As a Catholic Christian, I adhere to the teaching that God alone can forgive sins, which He … Continue reading Coming Clean

The Profession of Talking and Listening

I took a good step back to reflect. Due to personal qualities that correlate strongly with a helping profession, I found myself drawn to the field of mental health and counseling. Pre-college, I had the faintest idea of what a career in this field looked like, and my many hours of online research were only … Continue reading The Profession of Talking and Listening

From Failure to Freedom

I nervously posted an update announcing the lack of a blog post. I have had a very eventful and exciting past few weeks, and when it came time last week to post my weekly smattering of thoughts, I didn’t have anything ready. As the time crept closer to Monday at noon, I considered how quickly … Continue reading From Failure to Freedom

Decision Trial Run

I spoke to others, but forgot to apply it to myself. As an imperfect human continually striving for health and wellness, I go to therapy every few weeks (10/10 would recommend!). As I sat in my most recent therapy session, I talked with my counselor about some decisions coming up that seem a bit daunting. … Continue reading Decision Trial Run

It’s Never Too Late

It took me too long to ask for help. I went on my weekly grocery shopping trip, and reached the end of the last aisle after snaking my way through the store. I checked my list, which to my surprise had one item remaining un-crossed-off. I thought I had found all my items while traipsing … Continue reading It’s Never Too Late