The Enigma of Lemonhood

I never thought lemons could be so complex. While brewing my usual evening cup of herbal tea, I reached for my lemon juice to squeeze in a few drops. While stirring the yellowy goodness into my steaming cup, I thought about the versatility of lemons. Aside for the small selection of people with an extra-high … Continue reading The Enigma of Lemonhood


Coming Clean

I walked out smiling, mesmerized, and rejuvenated. To really enter into this season of Lent and prepare myself for the upcoming Easter celebration, I arrived to Church early in order to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation before Mass. As a Catholic Christian, I adhere to the teaching that God alone can forgive sins, which He … Continue reading Coming Clean

The Profession of Talking and Listening

I took a good step back to reflect. Due to personal qualities that correlate strongly with a helping profession, I found myself drawn to the field of mental health and counseling. Pre-college, I had the faintest idea of what a career in this field looked like, and my many hours of online research were only … Continue reading The Profession of Talking and Listening

From Failure to Freedom

I nervously posted an update announcing the lack of a blog post. I have had a very eventful and exciting past few weeks, and when it came time last week to post my weekly smattering of thoughts, I didn’t have anything ready. As the time crept closer to Monday at noon, I considered how quickly … Continue reading From Failure to Freedom

Decision Trial Run

I spoke to others, but forgot to apply it to myself. As an imperfect human continually striving for health and wellness, I go to therapy every few weeks (10/10 would recommend!). As I sat in my most recent therapy session, I talked with my counselor about some decisions coming up that seem a bit daunting. … Continue reading Decision Trial Run

It’s Never Too Late

It took me too long to ask for help. I went on my weekly grocery shopping trip, and reached the end of the last aisle after snaking my way through the store. I checked my list, which to my surprise had one item remaining un-crossed-off. I thought I had found all my items while traipsing … Continue reading It’s Never Too Late

My Choice

This decision changed my forever. The end of January always brings about a time of reflection for me as I contemplate the many changes that have occurred in Januarys past. Throughout my life, the first month of the year has contained a variety of momentous occasions, both positive and negative, that cause me to take … Continue reading My Choice

I’ll Pray For You

I thought about it and I couldn't remember. I'm a person who writes everything down, recognizing the busyness of my brain and the relief that comes from not needing to remember every little detail of my life. My planner is a prized possession, containing all my schedules, assignments, deadlines, appointments, birthdays, errands, and everyday to-do … Continue reading I’ll Pray For You

Doors Are Heavy

I didn’t expect to become inspired while sipping my chai tea latte. I sat on a small burgundy couch in my favorite local coffee shop reading the introduction of one of my textbooks for the new semester when an elderly woman slowly walked past me using a cane for support. Her husband left the shop … Continue reading Doors Are Heavy

Sharing Socks

Crew-cut socks work best with ankle boots. The weather in Florida took a huge downward spike last week, getting into the low 20s and 30s – I know, crazy. The rest of the country might scoff at us as they experience their own bomb cyclones, severe snow storms, and below 0°F weather, but us Floridians … Continue reading Sharing Socks