Let Go Of “Normal”

It’s time for a different goal. When talking with the many clients who come and sit in my cozy little office, I find out about the things they hope to achieve. In the safe, confidential space, I become privy to dreams and ambitions often unspoken. Since I work with college students, I ask about their … Continue reading Let Go Of “Normal”


Ask Me About Mental Health

“I went to therapy this morning.” This sentence is how I began the caption of my latest Instagram post. Wanting to upload a picture of myself in my cute new rust-colored jumpsuit (with pockets!), I entered into the perpetual struggle of figuring out what in the world I was going to write below it. I … Continue reading Ask Me About Mental Health

My Not-So-Important Name

After sharing with me from the depths of their heart for 50 minutes, they stood up to leave and asked me to repeat my name one more time. I have been a Mental Health Counselor Intern for seven weeks now, and it still feels so surreal. There are people in the world that, now, when … Continue reading My Not-So-Important Name

In The Hiatus

So…it’s been a while. With every week that has passed since my last blog post, I have wondered, “Is this the week I write something new?” I have chosen to pass each time for a myriad of reasons ranging from fatigue, busyness, and stress, all the way up to self-imposed pressure and a plain lack … Continue reading In The Hiatus

To Be Seen

I’ve spent a lot of my life hiding. As I sat in my most recent counseling session, my counselor pointed out my particularly noticeable tendency that day to participate in the conversation with only short, one-sentence replies. Stuck in my own head, I found myself struggling to vocalize the feelings I was attempting to describe, … Continue reading To Be Seen

Depression Has No Words

I sat down to write about depression. I stared at the blank Word document on my laptop, a whirl of everything and nothing simultaneously fluttering through my mind. Something that has cascaded through my life at the most inopportune moments, barreling through any trace of happiness and healthiness, turning over any leaf of destruction that … Continue reading Depression Has No Words

Loud and Unclear

I received some harsh feedback this week. As a mental health counselor-in-training, my schooling has a bi-fold focus: academic performance and personal development. Due to this, the progress of my fellow classmates and me is measured not only through assignments and test scores, but also by our individual disposition and personality. That’s a pretty daunting … Continue reading Loud and Unclear

Stuck In The Rain

I stopped dead in my tracks, not wanting to move forward. When walking out of the side door of a hotel building to head to the car, I felt a few drops of water splash across my freshly-done hair and my carefully-selected outfit for the day. My mind flashed to my small black umbrella that … Continue reading Stuck In The Rain

Flipped Faucets

The sink faucets in my bathroom are backwards. The hot water comes out of where the cold water should be, and the cold water comes out of where the hot water should be. The sink works fine once you get a hang of the odd setup, but it’s different than the norm, and not what … Continue reading Flipped Faucets

The Client’s Chair

I guess I’m just a glutton for growth. I started seeing a new counselor at the same time I started graduate school. As a counselor-in-training, I am strongly encouraged to be in my own personal therapy throughout the duration of my program. That's not something you have to tell me twice, so I got myself … Continue reading The Client’s Chair