From Failure to Freedom

I nervously posted an update announcing the lack of a blog post. I have had a very eventful and exciting past few weeks, and when it came time last week to post my weekly smattering of thoughts, I didn’t have anything ready. As the time crept closer to Monday at noon, I considered how quickly … Continue reading From Failure to Freedom


Decision Trial Run

I spoke to others, but forgot to apply it to myself. As an imperfect human continually striving for health and wellness, I go to therapy every few weeks (10/10 would recommend!). As I sat in my most recent therapy session, I talked with my counselor about some decisions coming up that seem a bit daunting. … Continue reading Decision Trial Run

It’s Never Too Late

It took me too long to ask for help. I went on my weekly grocery shopping trip, and reached the end of the last aisle after snaking my way through the store. I checked my list, which to my surprise had one item remaining un-crossed-off. I thought I had found all my items while traipsing … Continue reading It’s Never Too Late