Turkey Takeover

I furiously scribbled the instructions on a pad of post-its. When a sudden situation arose on Thanksgiving morning, I found myself faced with the task of making the turkey for a dinner gathering of more than a dozen guests. I have grown immensely in my cooking abilities since moving into my own apartment, but a … Continue reading Turkey Takeover


Row 90

We walked up, and up, and up to the very last and highest row. My family traveled to get together to go to a college football game. Our tickets placed us in Row 90, so we took a series of stairs, winding ramps, and steep bleacher steps to reach our numbered destination, immediately backed by … Continue reading Row 90

Turn Back Around

26.2 miles just wasn’t enough. I stood at the end of a marathon finish line, cheering on the runners as they hurtled down the final stretch of the race. The atmosphere tingled with the energy of the crowd, and I became enamored by the incredible range and diversity of the marathoners and half-marathoners. I saw … Continue reading Turn Back Around

Water Through the Ceiling

My upstairs neighbor overfilled their bathtub. I stepped in a puddle of water that dripped through my ceiling. Looking up at the drops of water falling rhythmically down and off of the fire detector and spreading into a nearby water stain on the ceiling, I grabbed a mixing bowl and placed it on the floor … Continue reading Water Through the Ceiling