Wake-up To Makeup

I took off my makeup before my date. My relationship with makeup has been a rocky one. I have had problem skin for years, which began to worsen when I started college. I would never leave my dorm room without at least putting on some foundation, concealer, and powder to cover up my spots, redness, … Continue reading Wake-up To Makeup


The Roach Approach

I never wanted this to happen, but I have become proficient at killing cockroaches. As first-floor residents in an apartment building, my roommate and I have experienced our fair share of bugs that find their way inside our humble abode. I’ll spare you the details, but every time a new one appears, after building up … Continue reading The Roach Approach

I Will Talk

I talked about it, and they said, “me, too.” I recently presented a talk at a women’s retreat. My topic, and only guideline for the content, was “trust in God.” So, naturally, I talked about mental health. If someone asks me to give a talk, regardless of what the topic is, I am most certainly … Continue reading I Will Talk

Doing My Best

The drive there took five hours and fifty-two minutes. On my way to a long-anticipated weekend trip, I drove south joyfully and excitedly, making only two necessary stops for coffee and gas. I prepped my phone with podcasts, songs by my favorite Christian artists, and cast recordings of my beloved Broadway musicals. I wore my … Continue reading Doing My Best


I forgot about myself. In a whirlwind of newness, transition, and responsibility, I prioritized the most imminent facets of my life, focusing all of my attention and energy on them. After a while, the unattended portions of myself started to cry out, and I listened. My counselor and I formed a list of all of … Continue reading Priorities