No Matter What

With a strong moral opinion, I was in the minority. During a class assignment and subsequent class discussion, I became aware of one of my personal biases surrounding a very controversial topic. Just a few weeks into the semester, we have already discussed transgender issues, abortion, LGBTQIQA+ identities, religion, end-of-life decisions, and laws, among an … Continue reading No Matter What


Turn On The Light

I felt my heartbeat radiating down to my toes. I sat in class waiting to share with my fellow mental health counseling students how I ended up in the helping profession, cycling my journey through my mind. I had the story down pat. I have the perfect, succinct answer that I recite when people ask … Continue reading Turn On The Light

Into the Storm

The jam-packed northbound interstate paralleled an almost barren southbound road. Over the past week, Hurricane Irma has rocked the world of all Floridians and our many neighbors scattered throughout the Atlantic Ocean just south of us. At the mention of a storm of Category 5 grandeur, cases of water flew off the shelves, plywood became … Continue reading Into the Storm

Picture Imperfect

If I had known the picture was coming, I would have smiled. While at a lively amusement park, twenty-something other riders and I all braved the exact same rollercoaster at the exact same time. Upon arriving at the end of the exhibit and seeing the wall of screens bearing mid-ride pictures, I learned that we … Continue reading Picture Imperfect